We offer several effect lacquers to finish your fashion and handcraft articles. Choose from the follwoing effect lacquers:

Pearlescent Lacquer

  • to obtain a pearl effect, pearl immitation
  • to use on white plastic pearls
  • solvent based
  • good scratch resistance

Crack Effect Lacquer

  • to get a crackling surface on objects
  • three coatings necessary (basic, effect & protection coating)
  • solvent based
  • many colours possible

Carbon-Effect Lacquer

  • to get a surface like carbon
  • gives your articles a very luxuary look
  • several colour shades available
  • two coatings necessary

a/b Effect Lacquer

  • to obtain a two coloured shade on objects
  • objects must have an irregular surface to get best results
  • many colur shades available
  • solvent based

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